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In 1976 OMPI was set up, originally under the name of Officina Meccanica Pinzoni, in a small shed on the northern outskirts of Milan.

OMPI is a family-owned company, which, as to cope with the continuous growth and expansion on new markets worldwide, expanded, widening the number and quality of machinery and increasing its personnel. At present it employs over 250 employees and it manages production facilities in Italy, Turkey, China and India.

The OMPI group is liable for the design, production and certification of devices for the coupling and regulation of mechanical moment and power, as well as their distribution throughout the planet.

The OMPI technical department, organized and equipped with the most modern design software, is constantly committed in research and development of new products aimed at complying with market and customer requests, becoming increasingly demanding and diverse. The company obviously controls its internal testing department that, with various types of test benches, tests new items and is liable for the maintenance of quality requirements on current production.

The company is proud of its long history and manages structures and processes to provide for the long-term stability of the OMPI brand. The company future values and objectives, which include stability, innovation and perpetual growth, are also aligned in this respect.